No Prob-Llama Premium Lip Gloss Base – (12 oz) Mineral oil free

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12 oz net weight. Versagel ME – Premium Lip Gloss Base is great moisturizer for lip gloss. It can be also used in other lotion and gel formulations. It also mixes well with oils. This is a Vegan, gluten free + cruelty free product Mineral oil free Rich consistency, odorless and colorless No returns of cosmetic products. Not all Versagel products are the same. Offered for lip gloss right now is Versagel M and Versagel ME Versagel M – is mineral oil based. This type of Versagel is a occlusive agent which create a physical barrier helping to trap moisture in the skin or hair. It is basically gelled mineral oil. Versagel ME is a patented synthetic liquid. This is a Emollient – It not only works as a barrier, but also increases moisturization and plumpness, while decreasing scaling, lip lines and cracking, leaving skin soft and smooth (see study below). It is also a little more glossy than Versagel M In the clinical study on Versagel ME, moisture content of the lips was measured with a NOVA Dermal Phase Meter (NOVA DPM) which measures the moisture in the skin by measuring an electrical parameter (impedance). Measurements were taken on the right and left side of the lower lip to quantify the moisture content of the stratum corneum.

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