amika amika Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Styler, Signature Pink, 0.3 Fl oz.

$120 (as of October 4, 2020, 2:07 am)


Product Description

Nano-diamond technology creates a smoother surface for easy glide. Diamond coating delivers the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid for professional, high-heat and stunning results. Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair with extra shine. 1-inch floating plates adjust as you glide through hair to easily achieve straight, wavy or curled looks without creasing. LED indicators with temperature control and memory automatically adjust to precisely the last temperature used up to 450 DegreeF / 230 DegreeC.Dual voltage 110/240. Recommended temperatures by hair type:Fine, thin: below 360 DegreeF/182 DegreeCNormal, medium, wavy: 360 DegreeF/182 DegreeC -380 DegreeF/192 DegreeCThick, coarse, curly: 380 DegreeF/193 DegreeC -450 DegreeF/232 DegreeC

Brand Story

amika was founded by industry OUTSIDERS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007 and is the antithesis of a typical beauty brand. Instead of purveying unattainable perfection we believe in a totally individual version of beauty.


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